Our Mission:

We aspire to provide healthy, vibrant living — full of joy, meaning and purpose — through passionate, Christ-like service.

Our Core Values:

In living out our Mission, we are driven by:

Dignity – Respecting and honoring the value of each person’s individuality, needs and interests

Kindness – Exhibiting a spirit of warmth, friendliness, gentleness and concern

Empathy – Seeking to understand the concerns and feelings of another

Compassion – Responding to the needs, hurts and suffering of another

Joy – Demonstrating an attitude of happiness and pleasure in serving one another

Stewardship – Caring for our relationships and resources as a trust given from God

Our Vision:

To be a senior living community of choice for individuals and couples desiring a vibrant lifestyle; intellectual fulfillment; security; peace of mind; and respect for spiritual values.

Admission Policy:

Pleasant View admits persons age 60 or over without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or disability.